Solar Thermal Pure Water Distiller (2)

Solar Thermal Pure Water Distiller(2)


1.Solar Thermal Water Distiller (STWD)

Basic concept:

What is distillation? The action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling

Therma Energy:Form of heating by employing electric heating or fuel burning or solar heating

Solar Energy: Solar radiation is a form of renewable energy that is abundant and accessible in many areas in the world.Sunlight with wavelengths of 315-400 nanometers (nm) on the ultraviolet (UV) range of the electromagnetic spectrum is most effective at destroying bacteria.

Distiller:The design structure that uses solar energy and thermal energy to purify polluted water or bad water to clean drinkable water.

Design:kettle form,tank form,cycliner form etc

Prototype:A large tank with a sliding top or concave curve as top.

Heating :Electric heater or wood burning or solar heat or boiling ring heater

1. Problem statement: Lack of good drinking water in Africa,high cost of processes involved in producing good drinking water,cost of using chemicals like chlorine for treatment of water

2. Solution:

Solar thermal water distiller( STWD) is a unique solution for obtaining clean drinkable water in Africa.Its a natural process involved .A large tank containing contaminated water is covered with transparent glass that collects distilled water and sterilized by solar ultra violet rays from the sun.

The purpose of the sliding covering or concave curve top is to collect the distilled water from the contaminated tank to the distilled tank.

In Africa today,the cost of producing clean drinkable is high .Chemicals treated water for drinking is having chemicals taste in it while drinking.The problem of bore hole water which is not fit for drinking.All these problems are taken care by Solar Thermal Water distiller.

Implementing Solar Thermal Water Distiller can be in two ways:

1.Large Scale production:for Africa communities,town and villages

2.Smale Scale:Home use,office and small coffee shops etc.


2.Benefits: One major advantage of Solar thermal Water distiller is that its water is the purest as spring water and naturally healthier to other form of drinking water.Its free from germs and bacteria which are one of Africa major problem with drinking water. It has no particular location of usage in Africa.It can be use in any part of Africa as both heating and sun energy is used as the basic idea of this project.

Its at development stage as a new technique in producing clean drinkable water using Solar Therma Water Distiller.

The technology involved is conservation of energy.As the law of conversation of energy state that energy is neither destroy nor create but transform from one form of energy to the other.



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