Solar powered mobile purification system for Africa: MAJI 1200

Enhancing Access to Safe Drinking Water through the MAJI 1200 Water Disinfection System in Schools and communities in Africa”.


The MAJI 1200


The MAJI 1200 system is based on an innovative UVC technology, developed by a Zimbabwean scientist and Tanzanian Engineer. MAJI 1200 can be used as a mobile water disinfection system or fixed. This powerful device can help the communities (schools) achieving access to safe drinking water both in cities and in rural areas since it is solar powered. It means that the children/students could be guaranteed having access to safe drinking water at schools or even home.


NB: See proposal for Full details (Attached: solar_UVc Water_Treatment _Water_4_Africa_ Draft.pdf)!!!!!!


Also see supporting links:


Kickstarter Title: Innovative solar-powered water purification system: MAJI 1200. “We want to bring clean water to people who do not have it”




YouTube Title: Solar Water Purification Project featured on Kickstarter





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