Water4Africa (A new idea)

The growing population in the urban areas has resulted to dirty environments and excessive demands of clean water because of its necessity.

Some homes in the cities have tap water to themselves but they don't bother to treat it when due. The neighborhoods sells tap water (that has not been treated for a long time) to others at high costs without considering the penniless.

Some individuals produce sachet water with tap water which is not regularly treated, this is specially practiced in nigeria.


Below, are some tips on Sanitation for urban areas.


1. The officials should make laws against water pollution in the urban areas to protect the lives of the people and to fight against contamination and water-borne diseases. Also, the standard bank officials should enact a law that will be against illegal production of sachet water using untreated tap water.


2. We all know that the city is filled with many people, going to them family by family won't be possible. The officials should create an awareness through the media to the people about clean water and its benefits to mankind. Proper disposal of waste and how the wastes around us can contaminate clean water. The laws made against water pollution and the punishments for anyone who is totally against the rules.


3. The officials should build recycling and sewage factories to conserve useful raw resources for use in the future.


4. The officials should provide waste bins, trash trucks/Can for disposal of waste on the streets or roads. Also, they can advise people to bag their refuse before disposal.


5. Factories owners in the cities should be advised to build their factories far from water sources, residential homes - to prevent environmental contamination such as fumes, spilling of chemicals into the rivers or ocean. While hospitals owners near homes and near sources of water could be advised to build underground drainage for proper disposal of infective human feces, blood or any liquid which can contaminate water thereby causing harm to the human body.


6. Official rates for selling water should be considered by the officials and implemented against extortion of money from buyers.


7. Underground drainage should be built against future floods, Which may occur during the rainy seasons and to avoid stagnant water logs which could turn to a breeding place for mosquitos.


8. People should be encourage to; Volunteer to clean up their surroundings during weekends, employ jobless youths to help clean the major roads, gutters, etc and sign up for health insurances.



1. To provide a clean, healthy environment for everyone.

2. To promote the need for fair cost of water for the penniless.

3. To prevent people from Ignorantly causing more harm to themselves.

4. To forecast and develop the economy of a city.



Though the media campaign would cost much, its not useless because 85% of city dwellers in africa have access to the Newspaper, TV, Radio, Internet, Social networks, mobile phones, etc which makes it easier for at least 90% to get the latest information on health.



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