Basic Safe water and Sanitation Management Program

The Basic Safe water Education idea envisions that all primary schools in Africa teach safe water as a key practical topic in Science. In addition, The examination bodies for the case of Uganda- Uganda Examinations Board (UNEB) sets a compulsory question with 10 marks in the Science Education paper. This will push children to understand safe water management with it's importance. if this is done,22,434 children basing on the Primary Leaving Examination candidates numbers of 2014. The numbers continue increasing every year hence in 5 years over 1,000,000 children will be reached.


In addition, schools can start safe water and Sanitation clubs, encouraging children to write poems, acting drama, writing songs and singing. They can arrange Safe water and Sanitation management galas annually rewarding certificates to outstanding performers.


A similar arrangement can be made for secondary schools and this sort of edutainment will surely keep more children in school as well particularly the girl child who is much affected by sanitation almost immediately.



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