One Step closer to tomorrow's solutions ! Green House Model !

What makes any form of life habitable on a planet? ... undoubtedly its water but its just one out of various molecules needed to sustain life. 3/4 of our planet earth is covered by water however what percentage is drinkable? that's right, less than 1%.

I've lived in Uganda for 12 years, 'The pearl of Africa', its formed by 2 general seasons; the rainy season and the hot season. Uganda's economy has been linked to its agricultural industry, which is once again linked to the theme of water. This poverty-stricken country is home to over 37 million people, in which I myself has been deeply affected by the how others have suffered due to the cause of poverty. I had taken the initiative to design and construct the very model that would help these farmers climb out of poverty. Its the most efficient water-collecting green house. Every farmer has his or her own piece of land in which they expect to harvest crops from, but what can they do when it has been raining to much, or lack of rain ? Nothing, thats because they dont have much in order to do so. This green house depends on the size of land used, and the quality of materials desired. In my garden in Uganda, i constructed my very own 21 meters squared greenhouse. But its no ordinary green house, its the most cost-effective greenhouse with a different purpose.*See photo's attached for better understanding*

Its base it constructed with 6 identical logs of timber, which are equally spaced, 3 on each side. However, one of these sides has to be placed 15-25 cm higher than the other side. They should be placed firmly into the ground, avoiding the problems of extra forces from removing the structure. Secondly, the framework of the roof is constructed which links every log to its opposite identical, and then having another set of wood go across for a stronger support. Furthermore, the UVA plastic (which serves to allow light in) and the shade net are placed, UVA as the roof, and the Shade net as the walls (this allows the ability to control humidity and against wind resistance).Following the procedure a gutter is placed along the slanted side of the roof this allows all rain which falls upon the 21 meters squared of the plastic sheet roofing to trickle into the gutter. The gutter itself is also slanted to one direction. A Water Tank (100 liters) is placed on top of a stand which has an ordinary filter, which separates large segments from the water. Lastly, and irrigation system is attached at the bottom of the tank, and distributed in equal rows in the given land.

I apologize for the rough and unclear explanation but look through the pictures to get a more vivid idea.

This idea is a work-in-progress and can be modified in many ways, for example instead of logs as the columns of the structure, a metal pole can serve just as well or even better as it can withstand longer and does not risk being destroyed by termites, etc.

Within the attached pictures is a hose pipe connected to the tank and a pipe from national water, this was just symbolizing other methods of gaining water, during the non-rainy season.

Below are more attached documents of the cost of items, and a financial plan forecasting how efficient this model can be, and how long it would take to return the cost.



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