Circulation Shower

We propose a circulation shower that saves 90% on water and energy. Families can shower endlessly with only a bucket of water.


Our idea is to make an Africa-proof version of the circulation shower - a proven concept. This idea has already been deployed in the Netherlands and is ready to be deployed quickly on a large scale.


By making circulation showers available to all families, schools and other public institutions, children can go to school clean, drinking water and groundwater will be conserved and only very little waste water is produced.


Our new shower filters and purifies the water 30 times per minute. It is engineered with industrial components and stainless steel guaranteeing a long lifetime:

Suitable for harsh environments.

Lasts 20 years, maintenance-free.

Extremely affordable: basic systems can be engineered for a few hundred dollars.

Suitable for community usage.


The circulation shower can be fully powered by solar panels and requires only a bucket of water per session, making it a fully functional stand-alone sanitation system.


So how do we keep it clean over the long lifespan? We believe that a self-cleansing system should be in place, and that any maintenance should be extremely low-tech and layman proof. We have the following solutions in place:


- To stop blood, skin cells, mud and the like: we have an extremely simple and cheap membrane, which prevents these elements from entering the system.


- The membrane will never stop soap and urine getting IN to the system, but CAN force it out after every shower. This because the piping and pump are fully drained by gravity. Exiting the system, the water will purge the membrane by default, leaving it clean for the next person.


- The inner workings (pipe, pump and shower head) can be easily rinsed with eco-friendly detergents. Lemon juice with water cycling for a while should do most of the jobs.


- The pipes can be nano-coated to prevent the build-up of any unwanted substance over time.


- The membrane is detachable from the pipe with a simple magnet. So the part that does most of the filtering can be either cheaply replaced or soaked in eco-friendly detergent for a night.


An animation of the existing and proven concept can be viewed here:



Africa needs this. Let's make it happen.



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