Sound Water Venture (SWV) provides disadvantaged slum residents of tANZANIA with enhanced access to increased quantity and quality of water through an improved management system while maintaining an affordable cost of water. We are in the midst of a global water, hygiene & nutrition crisis. 3.5 million People die each year from water-related disease. 1.7 million Children under 5 die from diarrheal disease annually. In East Africa alone, over 50 million people suffer from waterborne diseases each year, erasing over 76 million working days, or USD 800 million in economic value. Our mission is to provide low-cost, and accessible, clean water for the African market. Via advanced Reverse Osmosis & UV Technology, we provide safe drinking water on a subscription basis as a preventative measure against water-borne disease. Using Rural/urban slum franchising business methodologies, we engage local entrepreneurs as SWV Franchisees to operate and distribute SWV water in their communities from company-owned filtration units. We support our Franchisees by providing maintenance, marketing and back-end operations support. This model allows us to expand at fast rate and innovate locally. through our pilot, we have served over 100 households with clean drinking water. Many local entrepreneurs have also benefited from our business concept. In addition to the financial profit that the SWV produces, the social return that results from the clean, well managed water supply is also of significant value in the region. While estimating the true cost savings due to the SWV is challenging, it is simple to recognize the benefits and potential returns in health and time. For instance, with reduction of water borne disease to zero for the users of the SWV, less time is spent sick. This means more time for adults to work and make money. Collectively the women and children of the region save millions of hours each year in time spent collecting water. .



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