Mandatory Sanitation Before Campaign Kick Starts

In the medium to be chosen in reaching the community to embrace clean water solutions, the issue of sanitation must be frequently raised. The campaign will involve working hand in hand with the community leader in other to ensure proper sanitation and get people of the community to work with the campaign. First the need for personal hygiene should be emphasized on, then the environment. The people of the community must be made to understand that regular sanitation is necessary for the continual consumption of clean water.

Before the campaign is begun, awareness should be made for a mandatory community sanitation stating that before the provision of the water source, the entire community must embark on the sanitation. Also it should be made known that this sanitation will not just be for the moment of the campaign but something that will be periodically observed. So before the kind of water source to be provided for the community is carried out, the community must carry out a compulsory sanitation. This would involve cleaning of drainages, gutters, waste dumps and each individual’s home. Burning of refuse is common in this areas, this should be stopped because not only does it pollute the air, the carbon dioxide it produces could be harmful in so many ways to the community. If it’s the only way to rid off waste, it should be done miles away from the community.

During the course of the campaign youths can be approached to volunteer to participate in the entire community sanitation. It should be made understandable that sanitation is needed and very necessary because contamination in water occurs when the environment is unclean. Sanitation is not only good for clean water access but also for better oxygen consumption and environmental beautification.

The community head should also be met to pick a day; fortnightly or monthly to observe environmental sanitation and must be mandatory for the whole community to carry out. If this is observed regularly, the entire community would maintain a sanitized state.



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