Motorcycle-powered pump

Motorcycles have proven to be a reliable form of transport, especially in the rural areas, but now there is another reason why every farmer should invest in one — it can be used to pump water.


A group of youths have developed a pump that can be powered by a motorcycle engine instead of the traditional diesel engine, which can pump a total of between 22,000 to 40,000 litres of water per hour and consumes 0.2 litres of petrol in an hour.


“This pump is mounted to a motorcycle power take over — commonly known as the engine shaft — which drives it as it pumps the water from its source,” .


The machine can also pump water from a well of up to 40 feet but the speed and amount of water is usually dependent on the depth.


The engine has the ability to pump water to as far as 50 metres uphill for a continuous 100 hours.



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