super cheap natural and very easy method of filtering water

Despite few privilege persons in South Africa, who are able to spend on clean water others does not enjoy the right of clean water . Simply because ‘ they do not have access to a cheap, easy, method of filtering water .’

What I suggest, is a virtually, zero cost practical method which could use to filter water and purify it.

Historically Boiling water is considered as the cheap, low cost, and practical method of cleaning water. However, in South Africa, with the less access to electricity and liquid petroleum gas, in rural areas, the best method would be boiling water with fire woods. But the problem here is that no one bothers spend time in boiling a pot of water.

Therefore my suggestion is we can use a cooker as showed in (image 01), which uses fire woods and which has two stoves, where a person can cook their meal on one stove, and boil water using the heat from the active stove without putting extra effort.


image 01


(Image 02), will show the use of the cooker in the latter mention manner.

image 02


After boiling water add Moringa Oleifera which derived in following method;

1. Allow Moringa seed pod to dry naturally on the tree. Then harvest the dry pod. ( refer image )

2. Remove the seed husks with the witish kernal. (refer image )

3. Crush the seed kernels to a powder. (crushing could be done by using a ‘’stone’’, or a motor – blender-)

4. Mix the powder with a small quantity of clean water in a small cup.

5. Pour the mixture through a piece of cloth to another cup.

6. Add that filtered milkfish fluid to the water you wish to purify. (And stir quickly for 30 seconds.)




Image 03 – moringa oleifera


Subsequently, cover the lid of the pot by piece of cloth (Hippocratic sleeve), which will filter the water for third time before drinking (image 04, shows the Hippocratic sleeve).

image 04

Thus this seems to be a long procedure, in brief it can be given as ;

1. Boiling water from the special cooker.

2. Adding Moringa Oleifera.

3. Finally filter the water through a piece of cloth.



*It is noteworthy, that Morings Oleifera is a vegetable which almost all the South African and African citizens have access.

Most importantly, I can say, by using my method, it purifies water in 03 stages ;

01. By boiling –- eliminate bacterial diseases from water.

02. Adding Moringa Oleifera ---- Removes heavy metals from water.

(Such as Cu – 90%, Pb – 90%, Cd - 70%, Cr – 60%, Zn – 60%).

03. Using Hippocratic sleeve ---- Avoid recontamination by pathogen laden dust and storage containers themselves. (Avoid residual disinfection ability).

• Using the said cooker will save energy, time, and cost. (If there is necessity this stove could be imported to South Africa for USD 5 – 7 ).

• This method is a feasiable method to any person which has no hidden or subsequent side effects, unlike in chemicals and many other filteration methods. Plus the other advantage is there is no expiration date either for the goods, or methods used in this filteration and purification process.



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