Use Hydra-Drill and Track-Mounted Rigs Technology

I live in small town called Karatu in Arusha, Tanzania. Many villages in my area have no access to free water a problem which caused a large number of primary students not to attend school. Families spend 3 to 5 hours to fetch water very far from their residences. There many stories children were raped because they walked very far to fetch water alone. Also there danger wild animals like hyena can attack the children and women.


After my research I have come up with an idea Hydra-Drill technology could help so much to tackle the water shortage in remote rural areas and families (especially children) remained safe as they no more needed to walk long distance to fetch water.


Hydra-Drill is best innovation to do it yourself. The portable machine can drill maximum of 30 feet in the ground. I understand there many parts in my district and all over Africa water table found near to the earth surface. Why not use this cost effective method? Five families or more can raise some money and buy the machine at discount price. After drill their walls they can borrow the machine to other families and played money. The idea is sustainable many families in rural areas will benefit.


Also I propose powerful drilling machines to be used in areas where water table is more than 300 feet from the ground. Local authority in the villages should be provided with powerful drilling machines like Track- Mounted Rigs. The machine can cost money but it can provide water enough for 3000 villagers. What should be done is to station the machine at the village office for safety. The villagers can be asked to contribute some money through the local authorities and the Track-Mounted Rigs guys do the job to drill water for village use.


I believe in long run the villages in remote areas can have full access to water.



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