The pain and sufferings of 345 million in Africa and 743 in world has kicked off us to gear up latent humanity to start-up the social development project to bring back and sustain the smiling face of affected people. Safedrop is an innovative & Eco-friendly partnership enterprise that delivers Solar Water Pasteurizer to ensure safe drinking water from surface water replacing the contaminated water at affordable rate which is approximately $7- $8. Each product can process at least 15 to 20 litters water everyday that is sufficient for a family contains four to five members.It collects raw materials such as Plastic foam, Black cloth, Polypropylene bag, PVC sheet and other elements from the local suppliers that is available in everywhere. Then, it processes the raw materials to get final product. The mission of Safedrop is to social and economic development of people insecure regions lacking access to safe drinking water in Africa and other water safe crisis regions by reducing child mortality rate, promoting sound health, creating employment opportunity, empowering women, reducing poverty and thus, upgrading standard of living.



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