Parabolic Style Solar Cooker for cooking and boil drinking water for family.

Many places in Africa receive enough sunlight which is a good source of energy. The energy from the sun is clean and friend to the environments. I propose there should be introduced Parabolic style solar cooker in different villages. The point is once the villages are taught to make parabolic style solar cooker, which are able to reach much higher temperature up to 400 degrees of Fahrenheit, the families will now have an alternative energy for cooking and boiling water for drink.


Parabolic style solar cooker is efficient and use simple materials to make it. Aluminium foil and some hard boxes are good and cheap materials to make Parabolic style solar cooker. Also it is easier for a family to make one if trained for few hours.


When every family in rural areas introduced to the technology families will find it easier to use the Parabolic solar cooker to boil drinking water. Now family can drink clean water. What is important is to encourage families to drink boiled water which is clean and safe.



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