Name and Shame campaigns

All communities need to be prepared for the name and shame campaign that will be carried out in 6 months time for members who fail to fix their hygiene and sanitation issues. This could start with the leaders in a transparent manner where they are encouraged to address hygiene in their own families for 3 months. After which, those who fail to meet the deadline are named and ashamed on community venues like churches during services, mosques, community meetings, funerals,gatherings, posters and any other available communication channel. This could be taken further to make announcements over the radio for the next one month as community members are encouraged to lift their hygiene in the next 3 months. the hygiene and sanitation could be split into different aspects in every 3 months like latrines and hand washing facilities, clean water collection containers, drying racks, drinking water storage, waste management and all households are encouraged to have them by the deadline. this will be monitored and those who fail to beat the deadline with a genuine reason understood and accepted by the entire community are named and ashamed. These can be done monthly and those who were named and ashamed but later address their hygiene are appreciated in the same fora.



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