solar Atmospheric water generator

The system is based on the recovery of the moisture in the air passing through the fins of a cooled radiator. Cooling radiator is ensured by the compression / decompression of a gas through a Stirling engine solar free piston.

The water recovered by a single radiator under normal conditions of African weather is on the order of 25 to 40 liters per day, this amount is doubled near the sea. The water quality even without filtration is good for humans and animals. The water yield can be multiplied by connecting several radiators in series or panel roofing. .dropoff Window

With a parabolic system that concentrates the sun's rays, the Stirling engine is fully autonomous. It starts with the first rays of sun. It is silent and does not generate nuisance. The system is very stable and does not break, it does not require maintenance or repair.



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