water project

The issue being that water is currently obtained in most villages by an individual tossing a container into a deep hole, and pulling out the collected water. Most commonly, the solution would include aid workers digging a well in a densely populated village, and attaching some rendition of a lever-action pump to the enclosed top surface. Unfortunately, this approach dwells a number of problems, including its financial setback, efficiency, functionality, feasibility, lifetime, and overall social impact. Taking this into consideration, and also from the inspiration of William Kamkwamba, the project consists of developing an entirely sustainable and simple, wind-driven water extraction system. More specifically, the product is a windmill that uses mechanical energy to drive a spool containing a string of cups holding water out of a well and into a separate reservoir for easy and unlimited access. Except for two elements, the system is composed of natural resources found throughout Africa, the primary area of focus. The setup incorporates bamboo, sisal (rope), plywood, two steel bearings, and a steel rod.



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