South Sudan Well Projects

The Need for Clean Water in the Republic of South Sudan, East Africa.


Like much of the world, South Sudan is facing a grave water crisis. Throughout the country there are few clean water sources and most of the population has no other option than to drink water contaminated with parasites and disease-causing bacteria. Children are the most at risk for waterborne illnesses. In South Sudan one in four children die before their fifth birthday from diarrhea and other diseases that can be prevented by clean water, sanitation and hygiene.


Women and children bear the everyday responsibility of collecting needed water for their families. In Fangak County most women and children must travel more than 30 minutes to reach a viable water source, often repeating the trek two or more times a day, hauling water jugs that weigh upwards of 40 pounds. Because the quest for clean water is so arduous, better accessibility to water wells ultimately improves the health and productivity of the entire community. Increasing water availability removes a heavy burden from women and children, freeing women to dedicate time and support to their families, and allowing children to focus on education. This is the mission my team and I have been working and campaigning for through Wellspring Missions,inc. at Thanks James Maluit Ruach, Executive Director for Wellspring Missions.Inc.



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