Rivers-the bloodstream of our earth!

Coming from a water scarce country it is at times disheartening to witness the state of our rivers and their harzoudous nature. The idea is to teach the communities near rivers the imporatnce of a clean water system and the implications of pollution. Proper groundwater storage facilities should be made available where communities can be able to attend to their daily chores, especially where piping infrastructure is not set up. Education in classrooms needs to be prioritised on the social and economic importance of water. Communities need to be made aware through case studies,tours to other areas on how water is working for other communties. Groundwater dams are essential for insuring continued supply for domestic use and agricultural purposes. Stricter control should be in place for industries that pollute because without such measures anything else is futile. Basic things need to be done, nothing extraordinary will provide a silver bullet.



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