Jokes4Water Project

My idea is to obtain donations through the following model:


Anyone throughout the world can make a donation to the “Jokes4Water” Project and in return they receive a joke (including the name of the comedian who submitted the joke.)


The joke could even be a short video of the comedian telling the joke depending on the technology used.


Through this project, the comedian is able to market themselves to a wider audience, the person making a donation receives “a laugh” and the Jokes4Water Project receives further funding for clean water projects across Africa.


Jokes4Water can take the form of a website, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. where donations are made that can be used towards the http://thewaterproject.org/ or similar projects that are drilling fresh water wells, providing sanitation and hygiene training and constructing other sustainable water projects.


The concept is straight forward:


1. Ask comedians throughout South Africa, Rest of Africa and the World to donate jokes to the Jokes4Water Project e.g. jokes submitted through a website and inform them that when a joke is sent to a person making a donation to the Jokes4Water Project the Comedians name is always included.


2. I have checked and the following websites appear to be available "www.jokes4water.com" and "jokes4water.co.za"


3. One example of the technology that can be used is a premium text message “sms” number “WATER, i.e. 92837” where anyone can make a donation from their mobile phone e.g. R5 and receive a text message response with a Joke and the Comedian’s name who submitted the joke. (obviously a text message is limted to 160 characters, thus WhatsApp,Email etc would need to be used for longer jokes and video's of comedians)


A crowd funding idea could also be used where anyone is able to purchase a book of unique jokes/humour each year from www.kickstarter.com



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