water security

First and foremost, when we talk of how we can help supply clean water in Africa. We need to look at the root cause of the problem at hand. Africa is a rich continent in terms of water resources but why exactly can’t we as Africans acquire clean water? One major reason, Poverty.

The poverty levels are so high that only the rich get access to clean water. Why the rich again? That is because there are educated and are aware about the importance of clean water. Let’s take for instance, you the person reading this now I suppose you know the importance of clean water reason been you are educated but to a non educated person I don’t think so. The first step we can take to ensure safe clean water is providing education to the less privileged. Education is the key but also the application of education is power. It is not a wise choice to apply the methods of purification, filtration and such before education because all these are the results of education.

On the other hand, the more people are educated, the more ideas and solutions arise to tackling water safety measures.


Of course, they are other ways to ensure water security however, education plays are greater role and therefore, produce greater results.

In conclusion, education will eliminate poverty the root cause and this will bring about the awareness of clean water.



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