Amanzi library and quiz system

The Amanzi library and Quiz has been created and piloted. Go to to see and trail it. The library consists of pages with information about the water theme and is aligned to the South African national schools Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) and covers all twelve grades' required work on the topic. This is intended for use as a learning and teaching tool in South African schools. Various issues around water scarcity, water availability, water pollution and waste as well as water sustainability are covered in the library. Topics can be searched and researched. Alongside this is the quiz system. Learners and teachers are invited to register on the system. There are a few existing quizzes that can be used but the pilot showed that many more are needed. On the teacher's side, quizzes can be created and therefore customized to their needs. The idea is that teachers can allow their learners to read a page or two of the library and then do a self assessment quiz. The great advantage is that teachers can view their students' results automatically. This is a very attractive feature as it eliminates the need to physically assess tests and is very accurate. This system is potentially a powerful teaching and learning resource in South African schools. The pilot phase creation and testing has been done in partnership with the Water Research Commission and various refinements and additions have to be made now for which funding is required. A few improvements have to be made to the website in which the library and quiz system is lodged to make it easier for beginner and technologically challenged users to manage. For example, an icon button which links to a simple explanation of the library, the quiz system and its use must be added. After trailing it is felt that many more pre-existing quizzes are required ie. at least three quizzes per grade. The search facility must be expanded and improved. This will ready the Amanzi library and quiz system for systematic introduction into schools both locally and nationally. Education staff at Whale Coast Conservation who created the system also co-ordinates a school's environmental education program locally and will support the introduction and use of the library in the schools of this district. This will involve teacher workshops and demonstration lessons in schools. Locally Whale Coast Conservation has an MOU in place with the Overstrand District Education office and officials do endorse the use of the Amanzi library and quiz system in schools locally. Nationally the Department of Basic Education will be approached to support the introduction of the Amanzi library and quiz system to all South African schools. This will may involve training education officials and hosting teacher workshops in major centres. Working through partner networks like WESSA and Primary Science Programme and various others, opportunities to support the use of the Amanzi library and quiz system in schools will be sought. Marketing the system through various advertising mechanisms and possibly competitions, will also be explored. The beauty of the system is that more library pages can be added and many more questions to the question bank also, and indeed this is the vision. The Amanzi library and quiz system was created by a team of four.



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