Huye district in the Southern province of Rwanda, population greatly worry about water insufficiency and clean water. In many country around Africa like in Rwanda, a village(100house in the case of Rwanda but can be more according to the size of the Sector) use to have a common water source where population get water for every day’s activities and in most cases, water comes from hills and is collected on bottom of the hills(sometimes in the marshland) by simple pipe. That is where every house in the village fetch water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes and that water contains millions and millions of harmful bacteria, infectious microorganisms and many intestinal worms. That greatly affect the population as Huye District is the most affected region of the country by diarrhea, intestinal worms and many water-borne diseases.

SAFE WATER FOR THE THE SOUTH, is an idea I created so that population in the south can access to clean water. Specifically, rural areas of Huye district like in MBAZI Sector. It can work in 30 villages of that sector where a familly have at least 6persons.

HOW? This idea can work by coonecting every water source with two tanks containg filters so that water from hills can be purified. One tank for the day, and another tank will be filled with water every night when people are not coming to fetch water for saving for the time of water shortage(summer=3months) and I supposed that tank should be as big as possible to contain like 360m3,So that every family can at least use 40 liters per day in a period of 3 months.So for fetching water, people can get water from a tap directly coming from the tanks.

For tanks&filters maintenance and security, I propose that every house pay 1$ per month that will be used to pay two guardians to help people fetching and changing filter and we have to involve local leaders for educating population on drinking clean water, preventing water-borne disease and tanks maintenance.

An increased number of campaigns by all institutions in charge of health and water will be a great support for that idea.



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