Mukondeni Ceramic water filters project

This project uses traditional cost effective and scientifically proven method and it can touch a number of lives within a short space of time provide the market and marketing/awareness is promoted vigorously. It is a fast growing and efficient project that can be effected to all rural areas of Limpopo and South Africa at large to address the backlog of municipalities in providing and purifying water for citizen consumption. The entire rural community of Mukondeni Village, Ha-Masia outside Elim, Makado Municipality in Vhembe (3571 people) initially and growing to other rural of the province This is a cost effective method of purifying water and reduces water related infections by 99% and is a sustainable, innovative method of purifying water. It has been existing under our project but had little awareness because of technical challenges, remoteness and resources to advertise and sell it to the general market.



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