borehole Drilling

Drilling a borehole from the near good Areas for example you have drilled 3 to 5 borehole in a certain place and each borehole pipe connects the Single main Pipe which connect the powerful water pump and water taken to the Huge Out side Up Lifted water Tank(If not necessary Each hole can have independent Machine and Pipe to Outside tank or Drilling a Single Borehole)and from there water will be transferred to the shortage ...more »

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solar powered borehole coupled with an ultrafilrer

This method involves the construction of a borehole with a pump that uses solar energy to power it. The pumped water is plunged upwards into a reservoir tank after passing through four ultra filters which are installed near the tank. A small tap connected to a pipe coming from the tank is used for easy access of the water. The ultrafilters ensure removal of disease causing pathogens before the water enters the tank. this ...more »

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