Activated carbon in water purification

Activated carbon is a very special component in water purification. Filter beds can be constructed and activated carbon is laid so that water entering from the top would pass through the activated carbon which is the purifying medium then clean water would come out under and collected in a tank which is safe for drinking. Activated carbon(AC) purifies water by a process known as adsorption whereby contaminants attach ...more »

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Chlorinated filtration fabric and cotton cloth (CFFCC)

water sourced locally contains dust particles and other free radical elements similar to iron oxide of rusted galvanized pipe use to deliver pip born water and storage tanks. The use of chlorine to treat water as a halogen element is to kill pathogens like bacteria and micro organism in the water. Chlorinated filtration cotton fabric/water purification cotton chlorinated cloth used to filter water fetched from,rain ...more »

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