Ocean Water Purification for the World

The salty sea water covers 70% of the earth’s surface. 50% of the world population stays within 100km from the ocean shores. The reverse osmosis technology and similar technologies are well developed and tested technologies to purify salty sea water into drinkable fresh water. The problem is the costly energy / electricity needs to run these plants especially for drawing water from the sea at high pressure. This cost ...more »

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Merry-go-round that pumps water as kids play on it

PlayPumps are placed over boreholes in rural areas and as the kids play on it, clean drinking water is pumped into a storage tank for immediate use or to be drawn off later. This encourages the kids to go to school, fewer cases of water born diseases, and there is clean water to drink, cook with, wash hands and clean classrooms. Also many schools, because they have reliable water start vegetable gardens, meaning a healthy ...more »

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Hand well drilling

The brief is about using a hand earth auger system to drill wells . This is a metal rig and a work table which when used with a hole saw, is able to drill through light granite. This machine is capable of drilling tube wells down to a depth of 25m. It is fabricated using locally available materials with locals being taught the fabrication. The rig can drill in soft soils where the water table is high. What makes the ...more »

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