SpaTap Eco Friendly Handwashing and Showering bottle Shower

SpaTap is an Eco Friendly, water saving, Handwashing and showering device, that instantly turns any bottle into a flow controllable shower or tap. SpaTap can make an instant handwashing station with soap out of any bottle Please watch our videos: Here is a link to our new promo video This is how Soap can be instantly dispensed ...more »

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Merry-go-round that pumps water as kids play on it

PlayPumps are placed over boreholes in rural areas and as the kids play on it, clean drinking water is pumped into a storage tank for immediate use or to be drawn off later. This encourages the kids to go to school, fewer cases of water born diseases, and there is clean water to drink, cook with, wash hands and clean classrooms. Also many schools, because they have reliable water start vegetable gardens, meaning a healthy ...more »

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mWASH: Mobile Platform for Water, Sanitation&Hygiene Education

The advent of mobile phones has been one of the revolutions of the 21st century. With 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers in the world, and with Africa being the second largest Mobile Phone market after Asia and the fastest growing one (, it is clear that the ability to immediately and specifically target a national population with information is through ...more »

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Diarrhea and Cholera are the most Public Health problems related to Sanitation in Mwanza causing hundreds of death among children. Disease statistics indicates that 60-80% of the diseases requiring hospital attendance are those related to poor Sanitation. The Overall picture from the mapping survey indicates that most schools are Characterized by Non-Existent or insufficient water Supply, Sanitation and Hand Washing ...more »

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The Water Bank.

The objectives of the Water Bank : 1)Fund Water projects that a) contribute in solving the water crisis b) provide job opportunities to Africans . c) gain profit at the same time . which will be reinvested in other projects providing an integrated sustainable ongoing platform 2) provide consulting and monitoring programs either technical , financial , or even in business to help run the projects. 3) source of free ...more »

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