Educate the children

Let’s teach the children about bacteria and its relationship with water quality and disease. They will educate their families and villages. Mobile phones are so prevalent in Africa that a mobile app is probably the best way to get this done. Several such apps exist that let people detect bacteria in their environments. Here is one developed for water in particular, WaterQuality by NCIT . There is another more advanced ...more »

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SAFI Filter

Safe drinking water is essential to good health. However, in resource-poor settings, water often comes from unsafe sources and carries deadly pathogens. The World Health Organization estimates that 1.8 million people die each year from diarrheal diseases, many of which are attributed to unsafe water. Safe drinking water is one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals—by 2015, the United Nations hopes to decrease ...more »

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mWASH: Mobile Platform for Water, Sanitation&Hygiene Education

The advent of mobile phones has been one of the revolutions of the 21st century. With 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers in the world, and with Africa being the second largest Mobile Phone market after Asia and the fastest growing one (, it is clear that the ability to immediately and specifically target a national population with information is through ...more »

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