The Water Bank.

The objectives of the Water Bank : 1)Fund Water projects that a) contribute in solving the water crisis b) provide job opportunities to Africans . c) gain profit at the same time . which will be reinvested in other projects providing an integrated sustainable ongoing platform 2) provide consulting and monitoring programs either technical , financial , or even in business to help run the projects. 3) source of free ...more »

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Environmentally friendly water transportation for rural areas

Developed countries are used to having a supply of fresh, clean water piped straight into their houses for their convenience. In some African countries, however, especially rural areas there isn't any provision for the supply of drinking water. Women and children take water from rivers or lakes and carry this back to their house, which is very labour-intensive. I'm not dealing with the supply of fresh, clean water here ...more »

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The Creation of a DIY Manual For the Extraction of Water

Throughout most of the Western world, the generalization that underdeveloped countries lack access to water is unanimously understood. In response, multiple governmental and nongovernmental organizations have taken on the feat of permanently eliminating this issue. The issue being that water is currently obtained in most villages by an individual tossing a container into a deep hole, and pulling out the collected water. ...more »

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Over the years many governments and NGO's installed boreholes with manual pumps all across Africa but never maintained or trained anybody to fix these mechanical pumps. Through visiting areas in Northern Mozambique we found that up to 75% of these clean water sources weren't functioning anymore. in 2008 we launched an initiative that has provided clean safe drinking water for nearly 250 000 people. We have been able ...more »

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