In the world, water is the most vital instrument that leads people to lead a healthy and happy live. There is water everywhere. But not all water is good or clean. Clean water if the most kind of water everyone is longing to have and use daily. Many people lack clean and portable water which is mostly used for drinking,cooking,bathing and washing. My concern is on prepping on the idea of finding ...more »

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Water harvesting

One of the sources of water is, Ground water. Ground water is healthy and this can be purified with less effort and low cost. The ground water will be exhausted quickly if there is no rejunevating mechanisms in place. There are two approaches: 1. Create an underground tank to collect the water during the rainy season and ensure that all the water across the dwelling house or complex from roof top or from ground routed ...more »

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Rainwater harvesting for Rural Schools

Uganda has abundant rainfall in most parts of the country. It is therefore a viable method to improve access to water in schools. The model has been tried before but has been wrong on the choice of the type water tanks, as well as their size. Using locally available materials, we shall build large tanks (50,000-100,000l litres) to ensure reliable and sustainable supply. The model shall also see emphasis be given to ...more »

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