pure water for drinking purposes using Ultrafiltration system

The basic idea for our idea is the engineering design,implementation, operation and maintenance for a low cost compact unit UF- water purifying and disinfecting plant. Our target is the availability of low cost clean water for all bottom of the pyramids customers. Our product is clean water in every poor village. Our idea is based on the utilization of renewable source of energy for UF filtration system for purifying ...more »

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A solution of super quality zero cost natural aqua filteration

this is a three step natural process of filtering water which is zero cost and 100% practical to any citizen in the world.

considering the economy , environment and availability of water and other resources in south Africa this process will be the most suitable method of filtering water in almost all the areas of Africa

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water purification by modified sand filter using natural substan

simple and low cost easy to applied specially in undevelopment countries

this method is my project in phD

and all the parameters analysis was very good

i hope to get chance to applying this project in large scales

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5. Filtration: How can we turn available water into drinkable water through filtration?


We can use safe guard, other tablets that can just be dropped in a clean water can to filtrate the water.

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