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Generally every community need adequate water supply and treatment plant. The factors to be considered includes: (1) Population of the community (2) Accessibility to the community (3) Good motorable road network (4) Mobility (5) Equipment (6) Skilled and unskilled labour (7) Nearness to a stream, river or ocean (8) Availability of required chemicals (9) Finance (10) Political will of the government.

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Elevated borehole Reservoir system

After discussions with a colleague with extensive experience in ground water research and borehole pumping projects, I learned that ground water extraction by means of solar powered borehole pumps have been proven quite successful in providing a considerable quantity of fairly clean, drinkable water to farms and rural communities. It is also a fairly simple system that works independently, requires little maintenance; ...more »

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Rainwater Hill

Rain/Ground water recovery field situated on sloped area above the town, that consists of subsoil drainage perforated pipe system which is aligned with natural contours of hill, one basic water filtration plant and main water supply pipe network to community. Entire concept system based on gravity feed, no pumps or electricity utilised (please see attached pdf file for more info)

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