Circulation Shower

We propose a circulation shower that saves 90% on water and energy. Families can shower endlessly with only a bucket of water. Our idea is to make an Africa-proof version of the circulation shower - a proven concept. This idea has already been deployed in the Netherlands and is ready to be deployed quickly on a large scale. By making circulation showers available to all families, schools and other public institutions, ...more »

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AWG (Green and Environmental Friendly)

AWG - Atmospheric Water generators generates water from atmospheric water. These machines can generate up to 45000 litres of water per day (Mostly at coastal regions), pending Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature. Jhb Temperature and RH water generation will be in the vicinity of 20000lt per day per machine. Some of them can also vaporize waste water and recapture the steam for the cleanest drinking water. These machines ...more »

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Small to medium water purification solutions

Due to increasing water quality issues in SA one will have to start looking at medium and small water purification solutions. I propose looking at Solar powered water purification solutions. These units are extremely rugged, low on maintenance and very effective. All you need is a Salt water, brackish water or freshwater source. You basically dump the borehole pump in the water source, open the solar panels and switch ...more »

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