Establishment of Water Production Companies

This is a sector open to all investors. Investors can build small scale water production companies in main communities which will provide pure drinkable sachet water for the village and other villages around. These production plants are low cost and therefore the retail price of the sachet water would be cheap making it very affordable even for the rural areas. Investors can be encouraged to setup these plants by offering ...more »

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Wedu Water: For Healthy Being

Fun Fact Wedu is Shona for "OUR" Introduction into the project Wedu Water project seeks to solve three problems at once. These problems are (in no particular order); - Access to clean water is a challenge especially for people based in rural Africa, more specifically in rural Zimbabwe - In rural areas women tend to drop out of school because of poverty and social factors which means they cannot get jobs or become ...more »

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Mini water project at affordable cost

Long lasting water project can be built in communities for relatively small amount of money. Installation of borehole, that as a mini treatment plant, with a solar panel to generate power for pumping of water. As the water is pumping, it passes through the mini treatment plant before going to the storage tank for consumptions. This project is low cost effective with low maintenance cost. The water is treated and water ...more »

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