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Water Borne Diseases Awareness

Water Borne Deseases Awareness In Africa today, water related diseases are responsible for the death of more than 5 million people annually. Absence of adequate and safe water supply and sanitation systems is responsible for sickness and death in developing countries . Water-borne pathogens are infecting 250 million people per year resulting in 10–20 million deaths . It is reported that in developing countries, water ...more »

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Lack of water is responsible for more deaths in Africa than wars. about 1 out of 6 people living today do not have adequate access to clean water and more than about that number lack basic sanitation for which water is needed, in some countries, half the population does not have access to safe drinking water, and hence is afflicted with poor health. by some estimates, each day nearly 3000 children in Africa die from diarrhea ...more »

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Establishment of Water Production Companies

This is a sector open to all investors. Investors can build small scale water production companies in main communities which will provide pure drinkable sachet water for the village and other villages around. These production plants are low cost and therefore the retail price of the sachet water would be cheap making it very affordable even for the rural areas. Investors can be encouraged to setup these plants by offering ...more »

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