Solar powered mobile purification system for Africa: MAJI 1200

Enhancing Access to Safe Drinking Water through the MAJI 1200 Water Disinfection System in Schools and communities in Africa”. The MAJI 1200 The MAJI 1200 system is based on an innovative UVC technology, developed by a Zimbabwean scientist and Tanzanian Engineer. MAJI 1200 can be used as a mobile water disinfection system or fixed. This powerful device can help the communities (schools) achieving access to safe drinking ...more »

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Simple, affordable and available Tulip water filters

Basic Water Needs (BWN) make safe drinking water simple, affordable and available to people in all income groups, including the BoP. BWN develops, produces and distributes Tulip water filters. Tulip water filters are designed in such a way that they are easy-to-use and low-cost, while producing up to 7000 liters of safe drinking water. BWN also invests in making these products available by setting up a network of sales ...more »

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South Sudan Well Projects

The Need for Clean Water in the Republic of South Sudan, East Africa. Like much of the world, South Sudan is facing a grave water crisis. Throughout the country there are few clean water sources and most of the population has no other option than to drink water contaminated with parasites and disease-causing bacteria. Children are the most at risk for waterborne illnesses. In South Sudan one in four children die before ...more »

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